Friday, May 24, 2013

My List of Epic Franchises

OK, so the little town of Hollywood has recently been churning out franchises and trilogies that they hope will stem the test of time. Everyone wants to be remembered for doing and epic movie, song, play, or whatever. However, not everything qualifies as an epic in my book. Really my only criteria is a strong emotional attachment, which is why several franchises/movie that 99.99% of the world loves may or may not make this list. Sorry in advance for your disappointment.

1. Lord of the Rings
Seriously, you can't go wrong with a 12 hour epic. You are transported into a time and place that you are a little sad and glad to leave. Honestly, I probably wouldn't have done well with the whole dark lord thing, or the hiking cross country.

2. Star Trek (2009 & 2013) and Soundtracks

Before the complaints about how awesome the original Star Trek is and how the new one just doesn't measure up begin, let me just say that I am a product of my generation. While I have an appreaciation for older version, the better looking actors (I love me some Patrick Stewart though) and effects will get me every time. Plus the music is schweet! If Into Darkness didn't get an emotional rise out of you, you are a cold-hearted fiend!

3. Hunger Games
The books were a great read and so far the movie adaptations have been awesome as well.

4. Fast and Furious Franchise

I love every movie in this franchise, including Tokyo Drift. Street racing and action is always a plus in my book!

5. Pirates of the Caribbean
It's pirates. No need to say anything else :)

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